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DevOps is More Than Automation; It's a Total Mindset Shift

About The DevOps 101 Webinar

DevOps is so hot that it’s one of the hardest IT jobs to fill; Google searches on it have exploded; and companies are rushing to understand and implement it.

But what is DevOps. why does it matter to your organization, and how can you succeed at it?

Our DevOps experts will explain how success with DevOps is more than using technical practices; it also requires a total mindset shift.

You'll discover:

Busted DevOps myths






Meet Our DevOps Experts

Bob Schommer & Brandon Martinez

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Duration: 54 minutes
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How you can get started with DevOps
How DevOps shortens release cycles to accelerate time to market
Why DevOps requires a mindset shift
How DevOps augments roles (ex. What does your IT manager become?)
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