Want to know what you can do with image recognition? See how your business can benefit from detecting faces, objects, and even emotions.

What Image and Facial Recognition Can Tell Your Business

Image recognition is all over the news. Facial recognition is a prominent feature of the iPhone X; Facebook is detecting faces; and even Walmart is detecting customers' emotions.

With the explosive growth of machine learning, image and facial recognition has leaped from a curiosity to an inevitable part of a transformative business strategy.

But what is machine learning, and how will image recognition impact your business? Watch our webinar now to find out.

Practical Applications

Detect objects, read text, identify pictures and people.

Are there people?

Scan a crowd, and detect faces and identities.

Who's here?

How do you feel?

Detect people's emotions. Are they happy? Angry? Surprised? Neutral? 

Watch the Webinar

Watch the Webinar Now

What Image Recognition with Machine Learning Can Tell Your Business

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